Analysts recognize EDPR as best in industry

Analysts recognize EDPR as best in industry

In 2011, a survey conducted by Institutional Investors, analysts recognized Rui Teixeira (CFO) and Rui Antunes (Head of IR) as the best in their categories. The Investor Relations work performed by EDPR was considered as the best among renewable energy companies.

The leading financial publishing group in Europe and America recognized EDPR after analyzing surveys answered by investment managers (buy-side) and securities houses (sell-side) when they were asked to vote on which entities offered the best investor relations services. A majority of those surveyed chose EDPR over other companies in the renewable energies sector. Company executive Rui Teixeira was voted best CFO in the sector, as per the analysts’ responses.

Accordingly, the company’s Head of IR, Rui Antunes, was recognized for a second consecutive year as the best at his job among renewable energy companies.