Collaboration with the MIGRES Foundation

Collaboration with the MIGRES Foundation

The Migres Foundation is a private entity that promotes research on the phenomenon of bird migration and also conducts sustainable development activities.

Since its inception, the Migres Foundation has become a benchmark internationally in these matters.

In 2003, EDPR and the other members of the Tarifa Wind Power Association (AET) signed the corresponding agreements with the Migres Foundation whereby the latter would prepare the project on the compensatory measures for the Janda wind farm. After approval thereof, AET members charged the Migres Foundation with its execution, which will run until the year 2020.

For this reason, the Migres Foundation now conducts several projects and undertakes a number of environmental measures at wind farms whose end goal is reducing avian mortality rates in the latter, understanding to what degree such mortality rates affect local populations and lastly, conduct specific studies and undertake specific recovery programs for some of the affected species.

Likewise, the Migres Foundation works to raise awareness among the local population in matters pertaining to the preservation of the natural habitat as well as renewable energy.