Committed with biodiversity management

Committed with biodiversity management

Respect for biodiversity is one of the fundamental cornerstones of EDPR’s environmental strategy. The company’s Biodiversity Policy captures, among other commitments, the integration of biodiversity management into all of the phases of the business in order to reach a positive global impact.

In this sense, one of the most relevant measures in which EDPR has been taking part for years are GPS-based bird tracking programs and bird of prey species management.

The goal of this type of initiatives is, on the one hand, gathering information about the movement of birds in order to evaluate their use of the territory. This way, the degree of affection wind farms may have on their habitats can be determined. Complementary to this, an adequate management of prey species allows creating adequate feeding zones that can improve the reproductive capacity and state of conservation of these species.

These types of measures are mainly geared at birds of prey, particularly the Bonelli’s Eagle, which is the chosen species for tracking and prey species management programs developed by EDPR in six wind farms in Cataluña and Castilla la Mancha since 2009.

The results that were obtained show the effectiveness of this type of initiatives, which have resulted in an increase of the density of prey species (rabbits, partridges, pigeons, etc.) through the improvement of refuges and reproduction sites, as well as in the repopulation of specimens; consequently, this has resulted in an increase of the quality of the territory for these birds, which also implies a limitation to their area of movement and therefore a reduction of possible associated risks (collision with infrastructures, poaching, poisoning, etc.).