EDP Foundation in Spain takes Energy Solidarity to A Coruña.

EDP Foundation in Spain takes Energy Solidarity to A Coruña.

EDP Foundation in Spain will contribute with an additional 9,900 euros to support initiatives under the Energy Solidarity program in A Coruña through a collaboration with the charitable organization Cáritas Santiago.

The largest amount of our donation will fund the renovation of the electrical system and installation of a fire protection system in a textiles warehouse. This warehouse is dedicated to the collection and handling of clothing donated to Cáritas.

One other goal of this project was to identify people and families in the municipalities of Coristanco and Santa Comba that would benefit from the energy efficiency improvements offered by the program. Through the data obtained, EDPR devised plans of action for improving the energy efficiency in the homes of the eight families. These families will have refrigerators and other kitchen appliances replaced with more energy efficient models so that they can benefit from the economic savings generated.

Cáritas, with the help of the EDP Foundation, will oversee the implementation of the improvement actions in each home and in the warehouse. They will also monitor the efficiency of these improvements during the following year to ensure that the welfare and energy efficiency objectives of the program are being met.

Coristanco and Santa Comba was one of several areas selected to participate in the Energy Solidarity Program, which will help nearly 100 families across Spain. EDP Foundation launched the program with the objective to increase safety, welfare and energy efficiency for underprivileged families and to aid the non-profit organizations that support them, including Cáritas and the Red Cross. This initiative is accomplished in part by volunteers from EDP, whose activity is managed via the Corporate Volunteer Program.