EDP Renewables has launched a new wind farm in the Wielkopolska region

EDP Renewables has launched a new wind farm in the Wielkopolska region

Opening ceremony takes place for Pawłowo wind farm, with target capacity of 80 MW.

Gołańcz, Madrid, September 5th 2013: EDP Renewables, a global leader in the renewable energy sector and the world’s third-largest wind energy producer, has held the opening ceremony for a new wind farm in Pawlowo, in the municipality of Golancz in the Wielkopolska region of Poland. This is the third wind farm owned by EDPR in Poland, together with the Margonin wind farm in the Wielkopolska region and another farm in Korsze, in the Warmia and Mazury regions.

The wind farm features 53 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 1.5 MW. The expected electricity output of the Pawlowo wind farm will be able to supply some 70,000 to 80,000 households.

The Pawlowo wind farm will contribute to the fulfilment of Poland’s EU commitments for the development of renewable energy sources. This will reinforce the energy security of the country and will help to reduce harmful emissions of CO2, NOX and dust.

Investment in the Golancz community has also improved the local energy and road infrastructure. During the preparatory work for the construction of wind farm and during its commissioning, a total of around 27 km of local roads have been enhanced. The presence of a wind farm in this area will also lead to an upturn in economic activity in the region and provide additional income for local authorities and land owners.

EDP Renewables is also involved in community life, supporting cultural initiatives, local business associations and educational activities, such as funding classrooms for language learning and scholarships.