EDPR celebrates Global Wind Day

EDPR celebrates Global Wind Day

EDPR celebrated Global Wind Day by opening windfarms in Minnesota, USA and Aragon, Spain to stakeholders, as well as the general public, and holding special activities for children.


EDPR staff from Houston travelled to the O&M facility at Pioneer Prairie and Prairie Star wind farms in LeRoy, Minnesota, where they hosted 4th and 5th graders from the Leroy School District for an afternoon of learning about the science and engineering behind wind energy as well as the multitude of environmental impacts of renewables.  The students also got a chance to learn about the wide variety of jobs that make up the field of wind energy.

 Among the highlights of the day were working with Vestas and EDPR Ops staff to try their hand at dressing in the gear and using the equipment the site teams wear and use on a daily basis, as well as building their own Kidwind turbines and testing them out in the blustery LeRoy field next to the O&M office.

 Following the close to the day’s educational activities and the departure of the students, EDPR staff led a tour of the O&M and site to legislators, journalists, and county tax assessors from both Iowa and Minnesota.  The tour concluded with a reception at a local venue and served as an opportunity for networking and question/answer time.

 In Aragon, Spain, EDPR staff offered tours, educational sessions, and activities for children at the Rabosera wind farm, located in the municipalities of Luna (Zaragoza) and Gurrea de Gállego (Huesca).  The event was attended by the Head of the Department of Energy and Mining of the Regional Government of Aragon, Ms Marina Sevilla, accompanied by Mr Ramón Tejedor, advisor to the same Department, and the director of the Local Service for Industry and Innovation of Huesca, Ms Marta Patricia Rodríguez.

 In addition to tours of the premises guided by the technical staff, educational sessions and a kite and drawing competition for children, visitors could experience a wind tunnel, an air turbine which allows users to experience the sensation of flying.

 Various Mayors and officials from neighbouring towns were also in attendance: Mr Alfredo Marco Gil from Gurrea de Gállego, Mr Santiago Puértolas Berne from Luna, María Luisa Naudín from Sierra de Luna, Eduardo López Torralba from Marracos, José Antonio Mallada from Piedratajada, José Lafuente Dieste from Valpalmas and José Manuel Angoy from Erla, as well as other local figures.

 According to Rocío Sicre, Managing Director of EDP Renewables in Spain: “Initiatives like this are a part of our company’s sustainable philosophy and a sign of our commitment to the municipalities where we operate our wind farms.”