EDP Renováveis unveils new dynamic brand

EDP Renováveis unveils new dynamic brand

MADRID, JULY 2011: EDP Renováveis (EDP Renewables, EDPR) unveiled a new brand on July 1 as part of a global campaign launched by parent company EDP Group.

The new logos and branding campaign reaffirm the strategy of internationalization for EDP and EDPR and create a clear, unified brand identity across every EDP business worldwide. The new brand represents the core values of The EDP Group: humanism, innovation and sustainability.

EDPR´s North American business, previously known as Horizon Wind Energy, has also adopted the new brand and changed its name to EDP Renewables North American LLC, aligning EDPR´s North American identity with operations in Europe and Brazil.

“This marks the first time that the Horizon name is not used since the business was acquired by EDPR in 2008,” said EDPR CEO Ana Maria Fernandes. “ This is an important step in integrating the business and creating a strong global brand.”

EDPR’s new dynamic logo is made up of four basic shapes that unfold into an infinite world of combinations: a square, triangle, circle and half circle. Rather than just one logo, EDPR now has seven different logos that adapt to different contexts. All have a common look and feel, and unique monogram with script lettering that makes the brand distinctive. The name EDP is always present, making it the common denominator across all the logos for all EDP businesses.

The modern, flexible and adaptable brand is meant to reflect the change and growth within the EDP Group. The new brand will adapt and grow with the company, as well as create a single, easily recognizable identity worldwide.