EDP University: Workshop on Climate Change.

EDP University: Workshop on Climate Change.

On the 22nd of October the Renewable Energy School organized an informative session about Climate Change.

All employees in Spain were invited to this session, and a total of 43 people participated in the course delivered in Spanish. This group consisted of employees with different roles, given that this topic is most definitely of interest and relevant to a wide range of profiles within the company.

The two modules of this course were: “Introduction to Climate Change”, which was presented by Alicia Diego and “Negotiating a new UN Climate Agreement: Challenges on the road to Paris”, delivered by Yolanda Fernandez-Montes.

The first presentation was focused on the basic concepts of climate change and greenhouse effect, as well as discussing what science has to say about the topic and the path being conducted to reach a consensus. Also, one of the main topics of this presentation was related to the risks that are explicitly associated with climate change and how we can avoid them.

The second and final presentation took a more political focus as it included explanations about actions that are being taken in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. It also clarified information on the old international agreements between institutions.

Furthermore, this module concentrated on COP 21 where in a few weeks the world’s leaders will meet in Paris to discuss global climate change and attempt to come to a decision for a global solution to the problem. This presentation dedicated a special part on the different positions of the countries and on the possible outcomes of Paris.

At the end of the session, we received EDPR’s CEO João Manso Neto who closed the event. He had the opportunity to point out the importance of this topic, and the commitment that EDPR will have as a renewable company in the coming years, regarding the Climate Change subject.

This course proved to be very interesting for the company’s employees, since it is increasingly important to have a better understanding about the concept of climate change and the positions of different countries on the road to reach an agreement. This agreement will aim towards maintaining global warming below 2°C as well as sending a clear signal to policy makers, businesses and the general public that the low-carbon, climate-resilient economy is inevitable.

These are the reasons why Paris will be the center of attention from the 30th of November until the 11th of December. One thing is certain: commitment and compassion from all leaders will be needed to reach an agreement..