EDPR awards 53 grants to support low-income students in Spain

EDPR awards 53 grants to support low-income students in Spain

EDPR continued its Green Education program on Nov. 8 by awarding 53 grants to promote education among Spanish students from disadvantaged families. The students selected were between age 4 and 17 and from the regions of Spain where EDPR has facilities. Because of the economic crisis, the number of grants increased and the total value tripled to €34,500.

“Education lies at the heart of our society’s future. In light of the current context, we have to contribute to education as much as possible,” said Joao Paulo Costeira, CEO, Europe of EDP Renewables. “EDP Renewables is committed to society and local communities and this initiative is proof of that commitment.”

The grants were awarded based on families’ income per capita and the students’ academic marks. In addition to Spain, EDPR has also expanded the initiative this year to Portugal, Romania and Poland.

The amount of the award was €500 for nursery school children, €1,000 for first-year secondary school students and €2,000 for university students.

This year, 42 grants went to students in the community of Andalucia, as well as 11 to students in Castilla La Mancha and four from Asturias. Students were selected by a special commission from the Green Education program in partnership with EDP Renewables’ HR department.