EDPR Corporate Governance report granted Triple A Rating

EDPR Corporate Governance report granted Triple A Rating

According to a second edition of Corporate Governance Index and Rating study carried out by the university Católica Portuguesa, EDPR has been granted a Triple A (AAA) rating for its corporate governance report.

This study conducted by request of AEM, the Portuguese Issuers Association, takes an extensive academic and practical look into the corporate governance practices of companies listed in the Lisbon Stock Exchange/NYSE Euronext. Unlike other indicators of compliance, this unique study is based solely on information that is available to investors. It also assesses the level of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, or the set of recommendations issued by the Portuguese Securities Commission (CMVM), while considering relevant international benchmarks.

EDPR´s AAA rating reinforces its exceptional corporate governance practices as well as its constant aim for improvement. It signifies the company´s acceptance and implementation of the recommendations on corporate governance in Portugal, its transparency to investors, and it’s continued good standing of the best corporate governance practices.