EDPR NA Bikes for a Cause, Raises Money

EDPR NA Bikes for a Cause, Raises Money

For the seventh consecutive year, EDPR NA participated in the BP MS 150.

The annual Houston-to-Austin bike ride is one of the largest fundraisers supporting research and vital services for Multiple Sclerosis, a disabling disease that interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and can ultimately stop people from moving.

EDPR NA Team Captains Adam Renz, Senior External Communications Associate, and Henry Woltag, Project Development Manager I, rallied interested riders to start training and fundraising toward the end of 2014. Months of preparation led to the morning of Saturday, April 18, where 35 EDPR NA employees and friends were ready to start their 180-mile journey from Rhodes Stadium in west Houston to the finish line in Texas’s capital city of Austin but, unfortunately, were delayed a day due to heavy rains scattered across Texas.

The weather improved on Sunday, April 19, allowing riders to participate in a now one-day race, beginning at the ride’s mid-way point of La Grange, Texas, and still finishing in Austin.

The event would not be possible without the help of valuable volunteers, including several from EDPR NA, who transported bikes, attended to luggage, set up the post-race tent in Austin, took photos, and cheered on the team.

So far, Team EDP Renewables has raised more than $27,000 this year, increasing its contribution by several thousand dollars from 2014. If you would like to make a donation to the team’s efforts, please contact Team Captains Adam or Henry.

Thank you to all who rode in, volunteered at, and/or donated to the annual BP MS 150 event.