EDPR NA Interns Attend Farewell Social and Volunteer Events.

EDPR NA Interns Attend Farewell Social and Volunteer Events.

Toward the end of their internship stints, the 2015 intern class attended both a farewell social event at Top Golf and also volunteered at the Houston Humane Society.

On Wednesday, July 29, the interns spent a few hours celebrating the end of successful internships at Top Golf, a premier entertainment and event venue with fun point-scoring golf games for all skill levels. The event was coordinated by Human Resources intern Melinda Tran and included a friendly “Top Shot” competition, where the person with the highest score wins. However, at the end of the day, the score didn’t matter, and the interns enjoyed themselves in a fun, relaxed setting that included both lunch and golf.

The following day, the intern class volunteered at the Houston Humane Society (HHS). Eight of the interns attended and spent four hours assisting the shelter. Half of the group braved the heat to walk dogs in one of the two large parks located on the grounds, and the other half mingled and socialized with the cats and kittens.

“I loved spending the afternoon at the Houston Humane Society. They have more than 300 dogs, and every dog I walked hadn’t been out of their kennel in at least a day, so it was obvious that our help was needed,” Corporate Initiatives Intern Amanda MacDonald said.

The interns also witnessed an adoption take place of a dog that had been in the shelter for more than eight months! The staff’s excitement at seeing one of their animals find their forever home was truly inspiring.

The Houston Humane Society is a 501c(3) organization and is fully funded through donations and relies on program services and special events. HHS has approximately 300 dogs and 70 cats in its care, and animals out-number volunteers 3 to 1. HHS takes in all animals regardless of age, health or temperament and does not euthanize for space. They work hard to make sure that animals are healthy and gather as much information on the pet before adoption. HHS provides low cost clinic services for Houston, provides and participates in numerous education programs, and conducts advocacy work on behalf of Houston’s homeless animals. For more information about HHS and how to volunteer, donate, or adopt, visit