EDPR NA Presents Congressman Reichert with Award

EDPR NA Presents Congressman Reichert with Award

On March 23, 2012 the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) hosted a fundraiser for Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) where he was presented with an USA Wind Jobs Champion Award. Congressman Reichert has been a long-time advocate of extending the Production Tax Credit (PTC) to help create and sustain jobs in the wind industry.

As a Republican advocate of a PTC extension, the wind industry wanted to thank him for all that he has done. The award was presented to Congressman Reichert by AWEA’s Chief Executive Officer Denise Bode and EDPR NA’s Jeff Bishop, Senior Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs. The award is a commemorative plaque with a wind turbine bolt made by a wind turbine component factory in the State of Ohio.

“I want to thank Congressman Reichert for his strong support of American jobs and private investment in one of America’s fastest growing manufacturing sectors,” said Denise Bode, CEO of AWEA.

Congressman Reichert is running for office in the district where EDPR NA has developed three wind farms in the state: Wild Horse Wind Farm, Wild Horse Wind Farm Expansion, and Kittitas Valley Wind Farm. EDPR NA currently operates the 100.8 MW Kittitas Valley Wind Farm. “Representative Reichert’s continued support of the wind energy industry in the state is helping to keep Washington working,” said Bishop. Kittitas Valley Wind Farm provides power to approximately 28,000 average Washington home each year.

In a recent press release, Congressman Reichert discussed the importance of extending the PTC. “Extending this long-standing tax incentive will leverage private investment to bring proven energy projects online, and reduce electricity costs for businesses and families,” said Congressman Reichert. “Wind energy plays an important and increasing role in America’s total energy supply and reducing our reliance on foreign energy resources controlled by hostile nations.”

In 2011, Washington was the 8th leading state of installed wind power supporting approximately 2,000 jobs. The state is also home to nine manufacturing facilities supporting the renewable industry.

When asked at the fundraiser why he supports the wind industry, he related stories of when he was a sheriff. “He had fluid samples from a killer in 1982, and it took a full 20 years for the technology to catch up so DNA testing could occur,” said Bishop. “He thinks of renewables in the same light; with the right incentives and with time there is no telling how far the technology can advance.”

Congressman Reichert accepted his award with a few words. “The certainty an extension of the Production Tax Credit will provide can further spur growth in this vital sector, increase economic development, and create jobs,” said Congressman Reichert.