EDPR NA Volunteers Clean Up Local Park

EDPR NA Volunteers Clean Up Local Park

On March 29, three EDPR NA employees participated in the annual Houston “Trash Bash,” where once a year, thousands of volunteers throughout Texas gather along a waterway to do their part in cleaning up the environment.
The “Trash Bash” was held in Little Thicket Park, which is a 10.6-acre slice of nature hidden in the heart of Houston surrounded by neighborhoods, commercial shopping centers, and highways. The park is best known as a wildlife habitat, home to various species of birds found nowhere else in Texas and where Ornithologists can sight and cross these rare birds off their “bird watching lists.”

Participating EDPR NA volunteer were equipped with work gloves, trash bags, and “trash grabbers” and then set loose into the park with a dozen other volunteers to brave steep drop offs, dense shrubs, and slippery rocks that lined the park’s streambed. Each volunteer did his/her part to spot trash and pick it up, but none were half as daring as EDPR NA’s own Kayla Janowski, a Project Accountant who used the volunteering opportunity to not only clean up the environment but also to burn a few calories by climbing in and out densely forested areas just to get to a piece of trash. Her fellow volunteers cheered her on from “sure-footed” safely and gave their support by hauling all of the trash Kayla collected to trash bins.

Over the three-hour span, EDPR NA employees filled a total of 12 trash bags, which added to the mountain of trash collected overall.