EDPR once again awarded for its Investor Relations

EDPR once again awarded for its Investor Relations

Institutional Investors once again placed EDPR in high standing on its rankings.

EDPR was ranked first place on all levels in the Utilities, Renewable Energy category and second place on its list of Most Honorable Companies in Europe.

Published today, the rankings evaluate the performance of Investor Relations in Europe. EDPR received eight awards in total including:

  • Best CEO: buy-side (investors) and sell side (analysts)
  • Best CFO: buy-side (investors) and sell side (analysts)
  • Best IR Professional: buy-side (investors) and sell side (analysts)
  • Best IR Companies: buy-side (investors) and sell side (analysts)

EDPR´s parent company EDP Group also received an important recognition this year. Antonio Mexia, CEO of EDP Group, was recognized as Best CEO. This is a great achievement for EDPR and EDP to be both rewarded for their outstanding accomplishments.

In the past, Institutional Investors has also recognized EDPR´s investor relations strategy as one of the best among renewable energy companies and CFO Rui Texeira as best CFO in the sector. The publishing group has recognized IR Director Rui Antunes as best at his job amongst renewable energy companies for four consecutive years. EDPR Investor Relations´ continuous recognition demonstrates the department’s distinctive effort and hard work.