EDPR tags two specimens of Red Kite in Ávila province.

EDPR tags two specimens of Red Kite in Ávila province.

EDPR, through the EDP Foundation and in collaboration with the Castilla and León Natural Heritage Foundation, has undertaken a number of environmental initiatives to support the conservation of bird wildlife where we operate.

A collaboration agreement signed last year led to a plan for the protection, conservation and study of the red kite, one of the autochthonous species in danger of extinction that lives in the Castilla and León Autonomous Community, where EDPR has several wind farms in operation.

For this purpose, last June a radio-tagging campaign was launched of two specimens of red kite in the province of Ávila. The initiative consisted in the capture, tagging and placement of a transmitter in order to track their moves, analyze the territory and collect information regarding population habits in view of conducting a behavioral analysis and an assessment of the causes of mortality, with the goal of improving the species’ survival rates.

As part of EDPR’s policies, the commitment to the conservation of natural spaces and wildlife in local communities where the company is present is of vital importance within the company’s biodiversity management strategy.