EDPR takes at-risk children to sail in Aveiro

EDPR takes at-risk children to sail in Aveiro

EDPR sponsored a 20 children visit to the Aveiro Lagoon in sailboats.
​In September, EDP Renewables and the Portuguese “Vouga Class” Association sailing club prepared a surprise for students of the Ílhavo “Obra da Criança” school. Obra da Criança is a child and adolescent home for at-risk children aged 2 to 18.

The surprise was a special day for these young people, beginning with an overview of basic sailing principles such as nomenclature, points of sail and knots so that they could understand and enjoy the sport outdoors in sailboats on the Aveiro Lagoon.

Some sailed in semi-lightweight “Vouga Class” boats, while others sailed in the Aveiro Lagoon’s traditional “moliceiro” boats. After sailing, they enjoyed an afternoon on the beach with recreational activities, a barbecue and lots of camaraderie.