Educational talk on wind energy for first grade students

Educational talk on wind energy for first grade students

First grade teachers and students at a school in the province of León participated in an interesting talk about wind energy, given by an EDPR collaborator and father, to one of the children.

After the presentation, 9-year olds were able to answer questions such as what is the meaning of renewable energy, where does the energy that is produced go, what a wind turbine is or how its parts are hauled and other curious details that sparked the interest of both young and adults.

In addition to theory, kids enjoyed a practical demonstration of what was learned with the help of a wind turbine toy model that helped grab their attention even further. The improvised teacher showed the different blade positions that are used to capture the wind or harness its kinetic energy in a more efficient way, how the different machine components work, etc.

In all, it was a joyful and educational activity that tutors and schoolteachers were grateful for and one that they have valued highly by showing a keen interest to repeat it again next year.