EDPR extends its ISO 14.001 certification to all European operations

EDPR extends its ISO 14.001 certification to all European operations

EDPR has obtained the ISO 14.001 environmental certification for all of its renewable power plants, both solar and wind farms, in operation in Europe at the beginning of 2013, totaling 3,958 MW.
​This year the Environmental Management System (EMS) was first implemented in Italy and adapted to the solar power plants.

The certification was the result of an audit conducted by Lloyd’s Register LRQA, which confirmed that our Environmental Management System (EMS) is in line with global environmental standards. Lloyds praised that “the system has evolved considerably, showing good consolidation and better adaptation to the business.” This shows that, after a very demanding implementation phase, in 2013 EDPR has entered in a new challenging stage of consolidation, aiming to add more value to its business.

EDPR first experience with an EMS was in 2008, in order to ensure the proper management of the environmental aspects and compliance with applicable environmental legislation.

The EMS now covers all of Europe. In the US, EDPR has completed the implementation of an EMS for all of its wind farms. The platform is currently pursing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications for its wind farms.

EDPR is strongly committed to contribute to the protection of the environment and biodiversity through a proactive environmental management of its wind farms in operation.

Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSM) certification

In addition to ISO 14.001, EDPR also renewed its Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSM) certification for its wind farms in Spain, France and Belgium and assured it to Poland and Romania wind farms, representing installed capacity of 3,390 MW.

Both certifications demonstrate EDPR’s strong commitment to the responsible operation of its facilities.