EDPR NA Awarded Clean Air Champion Award Four Years in a Row

EDPR NA Awarded Clean Air Champion Award Four Years in a Row

EDPR NA is proud to be a repeat recipient of the “Clean Air Champion” award (given by the Houston-Galveston Area Council) and continues to strive to be at the forefront of combating carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

EDPR NA has worked hard to offer a range of sustainable commuting options to meet the diverse needs of its employees. Employees’ metro passes are reloaded automatically for free if they prefer to take the bus or light rail, and the company encourages those employees who cannot take advantage of public transportation to find a carpool group through our membership on Nuride. Through Nuride, EDPR NA proactively tracks sustainable information regarding these green trips, including carbon saved, gallons saved, and equivalent cars that have been taken off the road. Furthermore, to accommodate employees who prefer to bike to work, the Houston office offers shower facilities and bike storage.

EDPR NA has also created an internal sustainability marketplace to create further incentive for employees to reduce emissions. In the online sustainability marketplace, employees record their sustainable commuting behaviors and receive points for their respective department teams. For example, 10 points are given for a roundtrip carpool or for biking to work. These points are spent as currency to hold “work breaks” or improve the Nacelle (EDPR NA’s Social Room) with games, books, and other entertainment.

Finally, employees are also provided the option for flexible schedules that allow them to work a compressed schedule, or from home, which reduces vehicle emissions and promotes work-life balance.

EDPR will continue making efforts to encourage employees to take alternative commuting methods which are more environmentally friendly and help reduce traffic congestion.