EDPR NA Plants Trees in Agnes Moffitt Park

EDPR NA Plants Trees in Agnes Moffitt Park

In January, the EDPR NA Employee Volunteer Program organized an event with Trees For Houston at Agnes Moffitt Park.
This is the third consecutive year EDPR NA has partnered with the Trees For Houston organization.

Together, with 300 other volunteers, 15 EDPR NA employees, family members, and friends planted and mulched 1,000 mixed native plants throughout the park.

The park was devastated by a drought in 2011, and the trees will help replace those that were lost. This reforestation effort guarantees vital environmental improvements to the park and the community. The trees will provide an important aesthetic enhancement, add desperately needed shade and a corresponding cooling component, and provide the means to begin removing pollution from our air. Watering and maintenance will continue throughout the next two years to ensure survival of all trees.

Founded in 1982 as the Live Oak Society, Trees For Houston expanded to plant, protect, and promote all of Houston urban forest. The organization continued to grow as the city of Houston grew and has worked hard to see that trees shade neighborhoods, clean air, and beautify streets.

The Employee Volunteer Program plans various types of events with many different organizations in the Houston area each month. Be on the lookout for more fun events coming up in 2014!