Horizon Wind Energy Exercises 200-MW Option with Suzlon Securing Additional Turbines for U.S. Projects

Horizon Wind Energy Exercises 200-MW Option with Suzlon Securing Additional Turbines for U.S. Projects

The original contract calls for delivery of 400 MW of turbine capacity in 2008 and 2009, and now has been expanded to include an additional 200 MW in 2009. The capacity will be supplied in Suzlon’s S88-2.1 MW wind turbine and will be delivered to various ready-to-build sites across the country.

The turbine agreement includes the supply of 95 units of the S88-2.1 MW in 2008 and 190 units in 2009. Suzlon is also contracted for operations, maintenance and service of the wind turbines for two years and an option for five.

“Electing this option for an additional 200 MW of turbines demonstrates our commitment to the US market,” said Antonio Martins da Costa, CEO, Horizon Wind Energy. “As pertained to our business plan, these turbines will be an important element in securing our growth over the next several years.”

“This order reinforces the trend for renewable energy and wind in the United States. Despite economic slowdown, new wind installations more than doubled in 2007 from 2006. With growth drivers like Renewable Portfolio Standards, and the US actively pursuing domestic resources of energy security – we see a strong, promising market going forward,” Andre Horbach – CEO, Suzlon Group stated.

The United States registered over 45% growth in 2006-07, and an average growth rate of over 35% over a three year period according to the World Market Update 2007 report published by Denmark-based global wind consultancy BTM Consult ApS. The United States also ranked as the world’s largest market in 2007 comprising 26.5% of the global market and 5,244 MW of new capacity installed.

About Horizon Wind Energy

Horizon Wind Energy is based in Houston, Texas with regional offices in New York, Oregon, Illinois, California, Colorado and Minnesota. With over 200 employees, Horizon has developed more than 2,000 megawatts (MW) and owns over 1,300 MW of operating wind farms. Horizon, which is currently developing a portfolio of more than 10,500 MW in over 15 states, is owned by Energias de Portugal (EDP), the largest utility in Portugal.

About Suzlon Energy Limited

Suzlon Energy Limited is one of the world’s leading players in wind energy. The company has come to the fore of the business by strategically focusing on R&D, innovation, an integrated value chain, and entering into emerging and high growth markets to drive sustainable growth.

Given the truly global nature of its business, Suzlon has its Group Management Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has corporate offices in Pune, India. The company’s global spread reflects in its projects and markets portfolio – extending across Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, and the United States.

Suzlon’s R&D effort includes a highly successful practice of leveraging skill and knowledge pools in the industry and allied areas the world over. This has resulted in a R&D network located across geographies known for their leadership in the field – Suzlon today drives turbine development from India and Germany, and aerodynamics research in the Netherlands. Suzlon matches innovation with quality, with systems certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Suzlon is a vertically integrated wind turbine manufacturer – with manufacturing capability along the full value chain – ranging from components to complete wind turbine systems. The company has established manufacturing facilities in India, China and the United States, to support the global spread of its operations. The company currently has a combined manufacturing base of 2,700 MW of annual capacity, and is undertaking an aggressive expansion program to expand its base to 5,700 MW of capacity in FY2008-09.

The success of the company’s strategy is seen in its growing market share, repeat orders, and breakthroughs into new markets. Suzlon ranked as the world’s fifth leading wind turbine manufacturer with over 10.5 % of global market share in 2007. The company has ranked as the leading manufacturer in the Indian market for nine consecutive years, maintaining over 50% market share.

Suzlon’s true strength is seen not only in its technology, quality and market share – but also its people. The Suzlon Group boasts one of the largest teams in the wind energy business, totaling over 13,000 people from over a dozen nationalities in operations around the world. Suzlon in its vision for future growth aims to rank among the top three wind turbine manufacturers worldwide, maximizing growth while maintaining margins to generate maximum value for all stakeholders. You can view more information on Suzlon at

About Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation

Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation focuses on the North American market and is the wholly owned subsidiary of Suzlon Energy A/S, Denmark and a step-down subsidiary of Suzlon Energy Limited, India. The headquarters for North America – based in Chicago, Illinois –also feature sales and service offices located throughout the US.