J&Z Wind Farm welcomes visitors of all ages during October.

J&Z Wind Farm welcomes visitors of all ages during October.

The J&Z Wind Farm in Poland received two groups of visitors in October: youngsters from a local high school, as well as a group of older adults from a community association.

Both were opportunities to strengthen EDPR’s relationships in the community surrounding the village of Mala Weis Dolna, where the wind farm is located.

The initiative to organize an educational field trip for students from a nearby high school in Zgorzelec came from the teacher, demonstrating the impact that the educational and informational initiatives from EDPR are having on the community. We were honored to comply with the request and have the opportunity to support education and development of young members of the community. The students were active and interested in renewable energy resources and asked many questions about the topic.

The second visit was made by members of the “TRAMP” Association in Zgorzelec. The group is made up of older community members, most of whom are pensioners. Many of the active bunch belong to multiple associations and are actively engaged in the local community.

The participants were very interested in the subject of wind farms and renewable energy sources, and asked many substantive questions. Participants were invited to a group dinner, during which they gave positive feedback on the trip. Many said they were impressed with the operation, design and construction of the wind turbines, as well as the wind farm as a whole.

These wind farm visits are among many events and local initiatives from EDPR across Poland that help strengthen our presence in the local communities where we operate and maintain good relationships with local authorities, opinion leaders and local residents.