Meridian Way Wind Farm Conducts Annual Rescue Drill.

Meridian Way Wind Farm Conducts Annual Rescue Drill.

On Tuesday, June 9, Meridian Way wind farm conducted their annual emergency tower rescue drill.

EDPR NA and Vestas employees, along with local EMS and LifeStar Helicopter Medical Transport, worked together to successfully complete the drill.

Working on turbines in remote areas and at such great heights requires special and specific emergency response procedures. The drill reinforces emergency preparedness training and improves the site’s response time. It also involves lowering a rescue mannequin, or the “victim,” from the top of a turbine.

Coordinating with local response teams, such as the Miltonvale and Concordia EMS and the LifeStar Helicopter Medical Transport, is an essential component of the emergency plan. The wind farm and EMS personnel are both trained to set up the helicopter landing zone, which is a crucial element for this type of rescue.

The Concordia Fire Department also works with Meridian Way to execute their emergency plans. Members of the fire department who are trained in high angle rescue observed as Vestas personnel lowered the “victim” from the turbine. This gives the fire department more insight into this specific kind of rescue, the special equipment used, and wind turbine safety procedures.