Dispatch Center

In order to further optimize its operations, EDPR started the implementation of a chain of dispatch centers. From these remote control infrastructures, EDPR is able to have a better and closer look at each of the wind farms in its portfolio in order to improve availability and management of O&M contracts while monitoring the load factors and energy output.

To support all these activities, EDPR has developed a state of the art remote control infrastructure, the Wind Energy Management System (WEMS). Our 30 supervisors at three remote control centers (Porto, Oviedo and Houston) have direct access to more than 5,000 turbines from 11 manufacturers, 200 substations and 250 met masts globally. They have the capability to monitor and control each asset in real-time in order to remotely reset turbines, notify issues to local teams and respond to the most demanding grid operators requirements. More than 2 million data points are stored every day in a central historical database that is the core of our Operational Performance Management System (OPMS). OPMS will soon drive our performance analysis activities and field operations to the next level of performance.