EDPR Romanian subsidiary is based in Bucharest and began operations in the country in 2008, through the acquisition of several wind projects in different stages of maturity. In 2010 EDPR completed the construction of its first project in Romania – Pestera – totaling 90 MW out of the current 521 MW of installed capacity. In 2013 EDPR’s first Solar Power Plant, with 50 MW, entered in operation in Romania.

Filiala EDP Renewables din Romania are sediul in Bucuresti. Si-a inceput activitatea in 2008 prin achizitia a mai multe proiecte eoliene in diferite stadii de dezvoltare. In 2010 s-a terminat constructia primului proiect al EDP Renewables in Romania – Pestera – cu capacitatea de 90 MW din capacitatea totala instalata de 521 MW in prezent. In 2013 a intrat in faza de operare primul parc fotovoltaic, cu 50 MW.

Key Data 2016
Installed Capacity 521 MW
Production GWh 583
Load factor 26%
Market Share (2016) 16%
Wind: Dobrogea – 419 MW | Moldavia – 52 MW
Solar: Oltenia – 50 MW

REMIT Regulation

The European Regulation 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) sets out the obligation for market participants to publish inside information in an effective and timely manner.

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