Purchase Procedure: Issuing invoices to EDPR

The purpose for this procedure is to define the invoice issuing procedure for the EDPR.

1. Purchase Order sent by EDPR

The supplier may provide a service or deliver a supply always providing it has received a purchase order from the EDPR by fax or email.

2. Signing of Purchase Order by the Supplier

Orders will also be sent by post to the supplier in the case of: acceptances of services and framework contracts. These orders must be signed by the supplier and returned to the purchases department for processing.

3. Issuing of invoice

Any invoice issued by EDPR must refer to our purchase order number (point 1).

Any invoice received without a reference to our order number will not be registered and will therefore be returned to the supplier for it to be corrected and re-issued correctly.

To resolve any problem related to this procedure, kindly contact the person at EDPR who originally placed the order for the service provision or goods delivery.