EDPR Group seeks talented individuals who are passionate about the industry and share our vision and purpose. As a company devoted to sustainability, EDPR aims to combine career goals with company values.

Team Oriented Environment

EDPR promotes an environment based on team building, which allows employees to have exposure to various areas of the company. Employees are able to learn from professionals in other departments, which in turn provide everyone with a better understanding of how EDPR works as a whole.

Career Development

EDPR recognizes the importance of career development and strives to help employees understand the business and the industry so they may excel professionally. The company encourages internal mobility and recognizes employees for their innovation, hard work and performance.


EDPR has a diverse atmosphere with employees from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Part of EDPR´s success depends on the ability to embrace diversity and recognize its unique benefits.


EDPR aims to promote environmental, economic and social stewardship amongst employees as well as the communities in which we operate by using sustainable processes and practices to foster partnerships that improve the overall quality of life. EDPR is actively involved in the community by participating in events that support local causes.