Trainee Program

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EDP invests in the development of young promising graduates who can become excellent professionals within the EDP Group.

With a focus on personal and technical development the EDP Trainee Program enables 25 young people to begin their professional careers within a structured Iberian program that gives them an overall view of the EDP Group while acquiring work experience and developing skills.


EDP Trainee Program

The EDP Trainee Program involves a series of corporate tasks intended to ensure the trainee’s rapid immersion into the reality of EDP’s business.


The program is based on three fundamental pillars:

Training: continuous learning

The formative plan encompasses several training and development projects that seek to help the trainee get to know EDP’s business, acquire specific knowledge about the energy sector, and to develop personal and professional skills.

Job rotation: get to know different areas of the business

In order to get an overview of the EDP Group, develop technical knowledge and promote networking, each trainee will be rotated in the business and introduced to three business areas.

 Project development: challenging roles

In each of the three business areas the trainee will have the opportunity to demonstrate their energy and potential by becoming involved in challenging projects that are important to the EDP Group.


Real time feedback:
To create a dynamic of real-time feedback, learning, and continuous improvement, experienced professionals will follow all trainees at every stage in the program:

> Tutors: who are responsible for monitoring, mentoring and evaluating trainees in the business area.
> Mentors: who are responsible for monitoring, supporting and encouraging trainee development throughout the duration of the program.

The EDP Trainee Program employs a continuous and objective evaluation process that allows the validation of the trainees’ potential and which offers a remuneration package compatible with the best in the market.


Program starts
October 2014

20 months


Who we are looking for

Recent graduates with:

• Post-Bologna Master’s degree (which should be completed prior to the program beginning in October 2014);
• Master’s degree completed no more than two years ago;
• Fewer than two years’ work experience;
• Academic qualification in the areas of engineering (Electrical and Computers Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering and Industrial Management), economics, management, science, and social science.


Trainee profile

• Ability to work as part of a team
• Willingness to accept challenges
• Initiative and proactivity
• Focus on results
• Willingness to learn
• Customer orientation
• Fluency in English



Applications for the EDP Trainee Program can be made via the EDP website on the page About EDP/HumanResources, by clicking on the button “Come work with us”.

Select “Trainee” In the application type.
If you are already registered on the EDP website, then it is important that you update your application and that you join the EDP Trainee Program by changing the “Application Type” to “Trainee”.

Applications are open from February 17 to May 2, 2014.

For more information, please contact email