Poland: Engagement with our communities

Poland: Engagement with our communities

In May 2015, EDPR in Poland developed several initiatives to make sure we bring closer the communities near our wind farms.

Get to know these initiatives:

Korsze Wind Farm:

Ecological household management workshop
In cooperation with “Baby z Babieńca” association, EDPR organized the ecological household management workshop for opinion leaders and youths. The event was chaired by Professor Stanislaw Czachorowski, lecturer at the University of Warmia – Mazury. Caring for the environment in the context of lifestyles and household management and basic information on renewable energy were some of the topics approached.

Sponsorship of Agricultural Knowledge Olympics
To support local educational initiatives, EDPR is involved in the project “Olympics Agricultural Knowledge: Environment, Health and Safety in Agriculture”. The aim of the project is to promote knowledge on environmental principles and to bring these themes to the attention of young people in rural areas.

Ilza Wind Farm:

Study Tour for opinion leaders with Pakoslaw Village Housewives Association
To strengthen our good relations with opinion leaders, EDPR organized an educational meeting for Housewives Association’s members. The main goal was to educate on wind energy and on the wind farm in Ilza: how it works and why is the future in renewable energy. After Jerzy Kalinowski, EDPR’s expert, lecture, the participants went on a tour through the wind farm.

J&Z Wind Farm:

Sponsorship of the 25th anniversary of local government in Zgorzelec
In the context of a long-term cooperation with local opinion leaders, EDPR committed itself to support a ceremony on the 25th anniversary of local government and municipalities.

Radziejów Wind Farm:

Children’s Day event in Plowce
In May 31st, in cooperation with the Local Cultural Centre in Radziejów, we organized an event on the Children’s Day with educational games on the newly formed wind farm. Children created, among others, models of wind turbines.

Pawłowo Wind Farm:

Children’s Day
EDPR participated in “Family Event”, held by the municipality of Gołańcz for Children´s Day. The program included firefighting demonstrations, dance shows, games and competitions for children..