Poland: Engaging our Communities

Poland: Engaging our Communities
EDPR in Poland organized events in the communities around Margonin and Radziejów wind farms in July in order to build relationships with local stakeholders and opinion leaders.

Margonin Wind Farm

EDPR sponsored the most important local music festival in the town of Margonin, called “Wiatrakalia.” The event featured Polish artists and took place on July 18.During the festival, EDPR worked with a local cultural center to organize special activities for children that revolved around the wind.  The kids had the chance to build and fly kites, wave a rainbow scarf, and drop colored bubbles into the wind.

EDPR’s activities around the Wiatrakalia festival aimed to build its reputation as a reliable company that invests in and supports education and the community.

Radziejów Wind Farm

EDPR organized an educational tour for local Housewives Association members in cooperation with the local mayor in order to build relationsips with opinion leaders on the new wind farm in Radziejów.

The event aimed to inform and educate about wind energy and the wind farm, explaining how it works, how it looks and how it represents the future of the energy business. Participants toured the power station and wind turbine with Rafał Guzowski, an expert from EDPR. After visiting the wind farm participants were invited for lunch at a local restaurant.

During informal lunch conversations members of the Village Housewives Association had an opportunity to share their opinions on the wind farm and discuss its benefits.