EDPR at the Energy Sector Day

EDPR at the Energy Sector Day

The Business Shcool of Madrid (EOI – Escuela de Organización Empresarial) regularly organizes Conferences on the sector and on the occasion of the Energy Sector Day.

EDPR was invited to discuss major trends in our sector and thompany’s positioning in the current context as well as the practices implemented in managing people and careers.

The conference consisted of a presentation by María Paz García Alajarín, who was responsible for giving an overview of the renewable energy sector, and one by Maria Diaz Pedregal who gave an overview of the company from the point of view of people, by commenting on the most required profiles and announcing the main features of the management processes of the people implemented in EDPR.

Furthermore, the communications department made a presentation of the EDP University Challenge project by Arturo Astibia to encourage students of this prestigious school to participate with us through their innovative projects on the renewable energy sector.

Approximately 80 students of Master degrees in Environmental Management and Engineering, Renewable Energy and the Energy Market, Quality Management and Business Excellence, Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility and MBA had the opportunity to attend this meeting, find out about our company and clarify their doubts in order to obtain a clear and close view of our sector.