Number Nine Wind Farm Continues to Engage Maine Community

Number Nine Wind Farm Continues to Engage Maine Community

Continuing to ramp up community development efforts for the Number Nine wind farm, EDPR NA sponsored a dog sled race and antique snowmobile parade on Saturday, March 1.
The event took place in Fort Kent, Maine, and was attended by Government Affairs Senior Manager Jeff Bishop, Project Manager Katie Chapman, Environmental Manager Erin Johnston, Senior Origination Manager Mel Palmer, and External Communications Associate Adam Renz. In the economically depressed area of northern Maine, the dog sled race attracts a fair amount of tourism and is a great social scene, where politicians, business people, and families from across Maine and parts of Canada celebrate Maine’s rich winter heritage.

“With a very aggressive permitting schedule for Number Nine Wind Farm, the EDPR NA Eastern Region Team is working hard to ensure we are members of the Maine community and continue to be transparent throughout the project development process,” said Chapman, the development lead for the project. “It’s a testament to the great importance our team has placed on this project that five members of the Eastern Region Team came here over the weekend to participate in this special event.”

Before the dog sled race, EDPR NA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) contributed $500.00 to a breakfast fundraiser for Maine Governor candidate Mike Michaud. The EDPR NA PAC was the only corporate-connected PAC attending the event. Michaud is currently a U.S. Congressman and is running a three-way race for the 2014 Gubernatorial election. Over a pancake breakfast, the EDPR NA team was able to speak extensively with the Congressman about the Number Nine Wind Farm and EDPR NA, before going outside in the negative 18 degree weather and the start of the dog sled race.

“I am quite thankful to the EDPR NA PAC contributors and to the EDPR NA PAC Board for choosing to contribute to the Michaud for Maine campaign,” said Bishop. “In a state as small as Maine with just over one million residents, this event gave us great exposure to the work our company is doing. With Number Nine wind farm such a crucial part of EDPR NA’s growth, and with pipeline in northern Maine that could facilitate 500 MWs of additional wind farms, it is great to see us actively involved.”