People from Center Imserso in Wind Farm Carcedo

People from Center Imserso in Wind Farm Carcedo

EDPR received a group of people with physical disabilities in the Carcedo Wind Farm.
On September 26, EDPR’s wind farm in Carcedo, Burgos was visited by a group of locals with physical disabilities and their families.

The patients are from Center Imserso, a reference center in Spain for the care of people with rare diseases that cause disabilities.
The day was part of the “Respite for the Families of People with Rare Diseases” program that aims to improve the quality of life of patients over 40. It was organized by Asociación Cecle, which organizes all activities for Centers Imserso.

Led by the visitors had the opportunity to see first-hand how a wind farm operates, as well as take part in various outdoor recreational activities.