Poland: Engaging our Communities

Poland: Engaging our Communities

EDPR in Poland organized events in the communities around Radziejów, Iłża  and Pawłowo wind farms in August in order to build relationships with local stakeholders and opinion leaders.

Radziejów Wind Farm

EDPR organized an educational tour for children in cooperation with a cultural center in the village of Plowce. The event aimed to inform and educate about wind energy and the wind farm, explaining how it works, how it looks and how it represents the future of the energy business. Participants toured the power station and a wind turbine with Rafał Guzowski, an expert from EDPR. Activities related to wind energy were organized for the children.

Iłża Wind Farm

A special social photography event in Iłża was a chance for local photographers to find beauty in the town, and especially the Iłża Wind Farm. The photo walk was hosted by EDPR in cooperation with Fotospacery.pl, an organization that puts on photography events. Photographers toured the area and shot photos of the most scenic spots while making new friends. The highlight of the tour was EDPR’s wind farm, where participants took photos of the turbines and their surroundings. EDP Renewables and Fotospacery are also co-organizing a photo competition where the best images of the wind farm will be chosen. The winners will be announced in September and selected photos will be displayed at an exhibition in Iłża.

Pawłowo Wind Farm

EDPR sponsored the Harvest Festival in Gołańcz, the most important cultural event in the area, which featured Polish folk music and dance concerts. Also during August, EDPR worked with a local cultural center to organize ecological workshops for children. The “Eko-vacation” event at a cultural center in Gołańcz included art workshops and ecological competitions.