The “Computers for Charity” campaign is launched

The “Computers for Charity” campaign is launched

An opportunity to donate to an NGO through Fundación EDP.
The companies within the EDP Group have begun a new initiative known as Computers for Charity within the framework of the EDP Corporate Volunteer Program and in collaboration with the EDP Foundation, in Spain (Fundación EDP). For EDP Renewables the campaign will be active throughout Europe (excluding Portugal).

Through this initiative, each employee will be able to purchase their own IT equipment (personal and peripheral equipment) when they are about to be removed. The corresponding values are:
– €50 for Desktops (only the computer tower)
– €70 for Laptops

Fundación EDP will receive the tranfers and will then donate the sums to the charitable Non-Governmental Organization indicated by the employee.

The possibility to participate in this initiative is open to everyone, either as a volunteer within the scope of this campaign or by passing along information of all those charitable organizations that might be interested in IT equipment that is no longer in use and has not been acquired by employees. This equipment will also be donated by the Fundación EDP.

A file is attached indicating the procedure to be followed by each employee interested in participating in this initiative. The file will also be included in the Service Now Tool.

In the case of EDP Renewables, in those work centers where there is no IT staff, employees who would like to purchase equipment need to take it to a work center with technical service in order to prepare the equipment, and then return to pick it up.
For any questions regarding this you can contact Mayra Sanz.