Rainwater Collection Systems

Rainwater Collection Systems

In 2014, as part of one of its environmental targets within environmental management system, EDPR has conducted a series of implementations of rainwater uptake systems in several Spanish substations.

The main objective is to reduce water consumption from other less sustainable sources in such a way that, taking advantage of rainwater, good environmental practice is done and a trend towards a self-sufficiency model is performed. Before the establishment of the target, there were already 14 installations using this system and, from the implementation to date, rainwater systems have been installed in further 17 substations.

As a result of this measure, today 53% of the water consumed in Spain is rainwater origin. During 2015 it is expected this system to be installed in another 5 substations, so that almost 80% of Spanish installations would benefit from this supply.

Additionally, this type of systems were implemented in other European geographies, 65% of the water used in Portugal and 100% in Belgium is rainwater collected.