Romania: EDPR works to improve the environment and spread local culture.

Romania: EDPR works to improve the environment and spread local culture.

EDPR has supported two initiatives in Romania that demonstrate the company’s commitment to the communities where it operates.

In June, the EDPR Romania team, together with family, friends and volunteers from the NGO “Asociatia CeroCO2”, carried out a reforestation project, planting a species called Oxytree in Tineretului Park.

This species is very effective in improving air quality and protecting the environment. It adapts easily to different climate and soil conditions and is fast growing. Because Oxytree needs large amounts of carbon dioxide for development, during growth it produces large amounts of oxygen, which benefits the environment.

This environmental activity was a gratifying experience for all the participants. At the end of the day each received a certificate for their commitment to improving the environment.

Meanwhile, in Ialomita county, is the town of Facaeni where EDPR has an operating wind farm. EDPR has contributed to the development of cultural activity in the town with the donation of 6,500 RON to the Dorulet Cultural Association, a group of local folk singers and dancers.

The ensemble has participated in many national and international competitions and festivals, which are a demonstration of pride for Romania and the community. The purpose of the donation is to promote the folklore of Ialomita County, at both the national level and across Romanian borders.

The members of the folk group were grateful for the assistance received and for the interest shown in helping spread the cultural assets of the area.