Rui Teixeira voted best CFO

Rui Teixeira voted best CFO

Rui Teixeira was voted Best CFO of 2010 during the Investor Relations & Governance Awards for the Portuguese market, a ceremony that took place on July 7th, 2011, in Lisbon.

The prestigious award not only reflects the great work of Rui Teixeira, but the efforts and excellence of the teams that are involved in communicating with global financial markets. The criteria for the Best CFO award included knowledge of the business and industry, display of communication skills, strategic vision and contribution to the overall performance of the market.

The annual award ceremony is an initiative of Deloitte, the UK-based financial services firm, and the Portuguese economic newspaper, Diário Económico. The awards are promoted nationally, and recognize the best performance of investor relations professionals working at companies listed on NYSE Euronext Lisbon.