Students tour Pietragalla wind farm in Italy

Students tour Pietragalla wind farm in Italy

EDPR opened the doors of its Pietragalla wind farm in southern Italy to a group of local 10 year-old students and their teachers on June 6. The event gave the students the opportunity to see up-close how wind energy is generated.

The Pietragalla wind farm is located in the Basilicata region in the south of Italy, and has an installed capacity of 20MW. The students were from the nearby Istituto Comprensivo Torraca-Bonaventura in the city of Potenza.

It was a day of fun and learning for the students, as well as a great opportunity for EDPR employees to get involved in the community.

Wind Farm Manager Tommaso Pezzi, Project Manager Pierluigi Gramaglia, and H&S employee Cristina Romana offered a tour and other activities for the youngsters.

Initiatives like this one are a part of EDPR’s sustainable philosophy and a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the communities where it operates wind farms.