Employee awareness

At EDPR, we believe that it is important to promote a culture of rational use of resources. Even though EDPR is a leading company in renewable energy, we believe that it is part of our culture to try to minimize our impact. Majority of the wastes generated are related to turbines’ operations and maintenance where employees and contractors are involved, water consumption and minor wastes generated are driven by administrative activities, so employee awareness and communication in sites is key for implementing the best practices.  As a result, in 2012 we launched an eco-efficiency campaign called “because we care” that focuses on fostering environmental best practices in our offices.

This campaign was developed along two phases with different lengths. First phase, limited at a time horizon of one week, wanted to mark progress towards a new phase of EDP Renováveis’ future. This moment was marked through an initial week of internal campaign launching, whose main objective was the dynamization and awareness of the internal human capital as a privileged actor of this new way of acting in EDPR’s sustainable future at an internal level.

The second phase aimed to reinforce the message conveyed in the launching week through “permanent” communication supports present in specific locations where usual daily activities are undertaken, but now remembering that it is possible to evolve our behaviors through the sustainable actions shown in the brackets.

EDPR offices maintain these permanent communication supports, reminding employees of these best eco-efficiency practices every day. After three years since the launch of the “Because We Care” campaign, these eco-efficient habits have settled in EDPR reinforcing a sustainable way to manage day-by-day activities.

The campaign focuses mainly on the following good practices: