Water is a precondition for life, an indispensable resource for the economy, and it plays a fundamental role for the climate. Given the fact that water scarcity is pressing and will be exacerbated by climate change and population growth in the near future, it is vital to preserve water resources. Wind energy avoided the use of 387 mn m³ of water in 2012, equivalent to the average annual household water use of 7 million EU citizens.

Wind energy uses virtually no water. Replacing thermal and nuclear power stations with wind energy is therefore a key step in the fight to conserve and protect water resource and hedge against future power shortages due to water-dependent electricity production.

Source: 2014 EWEA, Saving water with wind energy

At EDPR, the water is consumed only for human use. The consumption of water per GWh generated accounts for 0.005 m3/MWh. Within Sustainability roadmap 2016-2020, EDPR has define the goal to maintain the ratios per MWh in used  water. Even so, the company actively seeks to adopt more eco-efficient practices.

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