Environmental Initiatives

Fifty students from the University of Malaga visited the substation at the El Álamo wind farm, which has been in operation since 2009.

The initiative took place on September 17 and it is in its fifth edition

The Volunteer Committee recently hosted an event at Plant it Forward in Houston.

Fuel Management Works in Power Line tracks and Wind Farms

The Regional Department for Public Works and the Environment, through the Fundación Patrimonio Natural, is forging ahead with its conservation programme for the red kite (Milvus milvus), which was launched in late 2015.

EDP Renewables staff from the Arbuckle Mountain Wind Farm in Oklahoma joined the Garvin County Community Living Center to celebrate Earth Day and educate local students about wind power.

EDPR Poland organized a workshop about ecological household management for women from a local association in Babieniec (Korsze)

Through the Fundación Patrimonio Natural, the Regional Department for Public Works and the Environment has launched an ambitious conservation programme for the red kite, with support from EDP Renewables and the EDP Foundation in Spain. The initiative will last for two years and will be implemented throughout the Autonomous Community of Castilla & León. Castilla & León is home to the largest breeding (56.14%) and wintering (50.30%) populations of red kite in Spain, according to the 3rd national census undertaken in 2014.


EDPR has supported two initiatives in Romania that demonstrate the company’s commitment to the communities where it operates.

EDP will help to implement the new Sustainable Development Goals adopted at the United Nations Summit taking place in New York. António Mexia, CEO of EDP was invited to take part in one of the sessions, the United Nations Private Sector Forum. He presented the Company’s commitments to fight climate change, one of the 17 goals that have now replaced the eight Millennium Development Goals completed this year.