The implementation of our health and safety management systems allow us to record and monitor the number of accidents, which aids us in achieving our zero accident goal. In order to proactively prevent incidents in the future.


During 2015, EDPR registered 27 accidents. The trend is decreasing in Europe and US but it is compensated by higher short-term absence accidents in Brazil, impacted by higher construction activity in the country, which led to an increase in the frequency rate. Additionally, the severity rate increased, due to one long-term absence coming from 2014 and three during 2015, which have led to 68% of the total days lost. Overall, the trend is improving despite the increase in number of accidents in Brazil. A greater focus on communication of our policies, plus the realization of the benefits from OHSAS certification that occurred at the end of this year in Brazil, will help drive the improvement of these statistics.

Europe and US have lower H&S indicators due to more training hours and emergency plans both for staff and contractors.