Training and emergency plans

Employees and Contractors H&S Training Requirements

As an integral part of our health and safety strategy, employees participate in training courses and risk assessment activities based on the potential risks associated with their position. These trainings include first aid and firefighting courses, electrical and mechanical specific preparation, chemical and heavy products handling, offshore safety instructions, emergency training, 4×4 vehicle driving and office specific training.

We are equally concerned for the safety of both our employees and contractors. Our contractors are subject to a health and safety screening when they bid to work for our company. Once the contractor is selected, they are required to present proof of having provided the required training. Almost 100% of contractors undergone relevant health and safety training during the year. To ensure the contractor’s safety, we usually hold meetings on site to discuss the risks and responsibilities of each company and to define preventative actions.

Moreover, we have many tools for coordination that allow us to share information and documentation, including contractor training requirements, H&S legal awareness at our wind farms, and the registration of accidents, incidents, and near misses.

Emergency Plans and Safety Drills

Each office and windfarm in Europe and the US has its own emergency plans, which includes contact details and instructions to follow in case of an emergency. Health and Safety drills are conducted not only for EDPR staff but also for contractors working on the wind farms, and can involve external agents like firefighters and civil protection.