Human Rights

According to the code of ethics, EDP undertakes to respect and to promote, in particular in its supply chain, human rights and fair labour practices. The Principles of Sustainable Development of EDP Group affirm the commitments to integrate the social aspects in planning and decision-making, to respect and promote respect for human rights in their sphere of influence, to reject abusive and discriminatory practices, as well as to ensure equal opportunities.

Additionally, EDP assumes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the conventions, treaties or international initiatives, such as the conventions of the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Global Compact and the guiding principles for business and human rights endorsed by the United Nations Human Rights Council – Ruggie Framework. In this context and following the project for the identification and evaluation of ethical risks, EDP has initiated a Human Rights Monitoring Programme to assess internal practices, identify needs of due diligencies and prepare action plans.

Human Rights Monitoring Programme included an internal self-diagnosis on the part of the business units in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and United States, including companies, facilities, new projects, mergers and no significant risks of adverse impacts on human rights were identified. The Programme sets out the supervision of the monitoring in the context of the Compliance function, also aiming its deepening and expansion, as well as its extension throughout our supply chain, particularly in the entities acting on our behalf. It should be noted that compliance with the prohibition on the use of undocumented workers and child labour is explicit requirement of qualification of suppliers, it’s contractually established and is auditable and subject to inspections at the operational level, being also under the Monitoring Programme and object of the self-diagnosis. The channel for complaining to and questioning the Ethics Ombudsman of the EDP Group is the preferred means of contact related to the matters of human rights and labour, including in the context in the supply chain.

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