In addition to EDPR’s own commitments to support the community through volunteering actions, we support our employees to contribute with time or resources to EDPR volunteering practice. Employees have training sessions to explain how, where and when employees could volunteer locally, nationally or internationally.

We also sponsor several initiatives to spread the knowledge about the renewable sector, as well as foster the business development of the company and the benefits for the community. Mainly these initiatives happened in local fairs and events, in the regions in which we are represented. Some examples are:

EDPR employees work as volunteers with local children in Spain

We sponsored two summer camps for kids in risk situation and / or raised in families with low income, in partnership with the NGO Solidaridad Educación y Desarrollo (SED).

Employees helped children from low-income households between ages 4 and 14 learn about wind energy technology, while improving their teamwork and social skills at the same time.

EDPR’s team building activity

EDPR had a team building activity enabling employees from different geographic locations to have the opportunity to work together for a day and strengthen ties. Moreover, this year’s team building had an additional goal: to carry out a social initiative and so it was undertaken to repair the facilities of the Spanish Autism Association CEPRI.

Bike Tour 

In 2010, EDPR sponsored the World Bike Tour in Madrid once again that gathered 5,000 participants, around one hundred of our employees. Once again this event was a huge success.

World Bike Tour is an event that takes place in some major cities of the world, to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of clean transportation as well as to fight against barriers of inequality for people with disabilities and to serve as a catalyst in the fight against addictions.

Collection of donated clothes, food and toys in various locations

EDPR sponsored a toy drive to support The Salvation Army of the Greater Houston Area. Collections boxes for new, unwrapped toys were available for employees during one week.

The Salvation Army uses these donations to provide gifts to underprivileged children during the holiday season. Also in collaboration with The Salvation Army, in an initiative from our employees, a “Garage Sale” was organized offering employees old branded items, samples, and other miscellaneous giveaways, and all the money raised was donated to the local chapters of The Salvation Army.