The AEE Board of Directors names the EDPR representative, Rocío Sicre, as president

The AEE Board of Directors names the EDPR representative, Rocío Sicre, as president

She will represent the wind power sector in talks regarding new regulation

Madrid, 19th January 2012: The Board of Directors of the Wind Power Business Association (AEE), which met in Madrid today, has named Rocío Sicre as president, who until now had been the Country Manager of EDP Renováveis (EDPR). Among other duties, the newly elected president will be responsible for negotiations with the Government regarding the new framework for regulating the wind power sector.

A graduate in Economic Science and Business Studies from the University College of Financial Studies (CUNEF), the whole of Ms Sicre’s career has been centered on renewable energy. Initially, she worked for the former Unión Fenosa Energías Especiales undertaking various jobs in the legal and financial sector until becoming financial director in 2001. After that, she became financial director for the Grupo Hidrocantábrico (now, part of EDP). Since joining this group, Ms Sicre headed the financial department of EDPR Europe until being appointed Country Manager of EDPR Spain in 2008, a post which she continues to undertake to this day.

EDPR, a subsidiary of the renewable energy company EDP with presence in 11 countries, is one of the major developers of the wind power sector in Spain with nearly 2.500 MW. Several companies which form part of the group were among the founding members of AEE.

Ms Sicre has asserted that the first thing she intends to do will be “to make AEE available for talks with the Government and commence negotiations regarding the new framework for regulation, something which is of fundamental importance for the future of the industry. The Association is ready and willing to work in conjunction with the Executive to find the best possible solution, not just for Spain and the Spanish economy, but also to sustain the industry”.

With 220 member companies, AEE represents over 90% of the wind power sector in Spain and its mission is to defend the interests of its members. In 2012, the Association celebrates its tenth anniversary, coinciding with the last year of validity of Royal Decree 661/2007, the framework regulating the industry at present. That is the reason why it is so urgent to find ways of opening talks with the Executive committee and reach agreement regarding the new regulation in such a way it benefits Spain and its economy as well as guaranteeing the future of the industry.