EDP Foundation launches Energy Solidarity

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EDP Foundation launches Energy Solidarity

The EDP Foundation has launched Energy Solidarity, an initiative that aims to increase the safety, welfare and energy efficiency of the most deprived families.
​With the collaboration of Cáritas and the Red Cross, and by means of various energy improvement actions, almost 100 families will be helped in Asturias and the Basque Country.

Energy Solidarity will be carried out in various phases. In the first place, Cáritas and the Red Cross will identify and report on families and homes that are eligible for this action, so that the company can plan to visit them. During these visits the company will carry out an energy audit and prepare an energy certificate, as well as a proposal for improving the energy efficiency of each of the families. With the data obtained, a plan of action will be devised for implementing the improvement actions in each home, and these will be monitored and checked.

Among others actions, it is included the replacement of basic equipment such as radiators, boilers and lighting.

To carry out this initiative, the EDP Foundation also has volunteers from EDP, whose activity is managed via the Corporate Volunteer Programme.