Covid-19 update


EDPR makes donations to indigenous communities impacted by Covid-19 in La Guajira

The donations were made via the Guajira local government to help tackle the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic among these communities.



EDP Renewables donate €50,000 spread across over 20 projects in France

These donations have funded the acquisition of local medical equipment, educational equipment, and financial support to structures facing difficulties.


new normality

Energy to move forward

There's something that has remained unstoppable all this time. 

Something that has continued to advance, even while most of the cities in the world are at a standstill. 



A2E makes a donation against Covid-19 in Africa

donation Covid19

new phase

Return to a new normality

The company is preparing for employees to gradually return to its facilities by prioritizing safety and ensuring that its plans are adapted to the situation in each of the countries where EDP Renewables is present.

The EDP Return Plan is a document approved by the Group's Executive Board of Directors that defines a set of guidelines and measures that aim to support business units and companies in the preparation and implementation of their own activity replacement plans and return of the respective employees to the premises.

The set of guidelines provides for a progressive and balanced return of employees to the company's facilities, based on two main essential conditions: the protection of people and the recovery of the Group's business. This plan is organized in three phases - "The Transition Phase", "The Monitoring Phase", and "The New Normal".



EDP Renewables donates educational materials in seven of Spain's Autonomous Regions


EDPR will contribute €750,000 to the fight against Covid-19


EDP and CTG have joined the efforts of medical teams fighting the pandemic on the ground